Friday, October 28, 2011

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

she said:

Nothing quite like Mexico to get us back into travel mode.

Especially when Mexico means a room, or rather suite, complete with kitchen, living area, balcony pool, and bathrooms as big as most bedrooms, at the Grand Luxe in Nuevo Vallarta courtesy my parents.

We tagged along for a week of watching my younger brother play beach volleyball in the Pan-American games before starting up again full speed where we left off in Sydney, and compared to backpacking, it was a life of luxury.

The bedroom, the bathroom, and looking down on the lounge.

Balcony pool and hammock, regular pool.

Another one of the pools, night view.

 Around the resort.

he said:

I'd never been to Mexico and I was really excited to go. The main reasons were food and beach volleyball.

Starting with the food, I hope you have four hours because that's how long it will take you to be served. This wasn't always the case, come to think of it this only happened once but it happened to be when our last meal was approximately 12 hours prior. Making the whole lapse between meals approximately 16 hours. #firstworldproblems

Once there was actually some grub under my mug it was exactly what I was hoping for. Delicious, tortillas with meat, cheese, and vegetables at every spot on the plate. Let's be honest that's pretty much all Mexican food has to offer but it's brilliant in its simplicity.


Secondly, beach volleyball. After spending some time in Canada and having the opportunity to play some indoor I was quickly reminded that I'm not what you call a team player. By that I mean, I generally don't like having to cooperate with, motivate, or even acknowledge a group of more than two in a competitive event. Yes, that group is including myself. I generally find that anyone who doesn't have similar ideas as me typically has terrible ideas. Beach offers all the fun of volleyball minus four people who are in the way.

Along with playing, we got to be spectators at some really great matches in the PanAm games. Canadian Men played great in their pool and offered some great competition. I was incredibly impressed and just happy to be there.

A day on the water.

In and around the "Lazy River."

she said:

Pleased for the excuse to go. Thankful for the place to stay. Not quite ready to say hello to backpacks and hostels again, but here we go anyway.